Legal Advantages of Registering a Copyright

copyright registrationWhile the primary reason of getting a patent is to ensure that you prevent the unauthorized use of designs and inventions, the primary reason of registering a copyright is to protect one’s music, images words plus any other form of creative content. The copyright rule stipulates that the creator of a particular content has the right to control the use, distribution, reproduction and even the display of the material that they have created.

When you have your such registration, you have the right to feel some sense of ownership regarding your works of creation. Besides the benefits that we have already mentioned, we are going to take a detailed look at some of the other legal benefits that one can get from registering a copyright.

Makes it easier to assert your right

One major legal benefit of registering your copyright is that it makes it easier for you to assert your right if there is a claim. For instance, if an individual tries to claim a copyright that is unregistered, it will be hard for you to assert your right in court. Even though in the world of advanced technology today plagiarism is obvious but the owners are on the court to determine who came up with some content idea or something first.

Offers temporary injunction rights

When you have a copyright registration certificate that was issued within the first five years of creation, then you are sure that you have prima facie evidence, that the work being presented is original and that it is owned by the individual who has registered that particular copyright. Thus when one is a registered copyright holder, it acts as a temporary injunction against any individual who might be trying to infringe on their work.

Gives the holder powers to send cease and desist letters

When you develop interest on issues to do with copyright disputes, you will realize that most of the cases that deal with infringement are concluded through out of court settlements. Thus it is important to have a registered copyright as it will allow you to send cease and desist letters. These letters are very important as they can include the real treat of the sender taking legal action if the infringer does not comply.

Gives one right to sue for infringement of copyrights

registering copyrightsIn most countries that do practice copyright law, it is very difficult or even impossible for one to bring forward an infringement lawsuit against a particular individual if they do not have a registered copyright. In most cases, it is advisable that you register a copyright first then you file a lawsuit after that. But if you opt for the option of requesting for expedited handling you will have to incur other charges in the form of case costs.

Awarding of more money

One of the major legal benefits of registering a copyright is the level of protection that the registration offers. For instance, if you register your copyright within three months of creation and you file an infringement lawsuit and win, there is a possibility that you will be awarded more money. These are some of the legal advantages that one can get from registering a copyright.